Venue Software with No Transaction Fees and Your Choice of Payment Gateway

Table of contents:
  1. The power of transparent pricing
  2. Empowering choice
  3. What are the benefits of the “Bring Your Bank” model?
  4. Why should I use VenueSumo for my family entertainment centre?
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Venue management software is a critical tool for entertainment centers, optimizing operations by facilitating point of sale, capacity management, scheduling, ticketing, waiver management, party bookings, hospitality, and more. 

However, the recent trend of venue management software providers charging businesses with transaction fees and forcing them to use restricted payment gateways has large negative consequences.

Venue businesses are suddenly grappling with the inability to gauge expenses accurately due to escalating percentage-based fees tied to growing revenue, eroding profitability. This lack of control and transparency hinders effective financial planning and scalability, underlining the need for alternatives that offer clearer cost structures.

This also leaves venue businesses unable to negotiate the best possible payment processing fees with a payment gateway provider of their choice. 

VenueSumo charges NO transaction or booking fees and allows you to choose your own payment gateway or as we like to call it “bring your own bank”. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of venue software that offers no transaction fees as well as your choice of payment gateway.

The power of transparent pricing

Hidden fees and transaction charges have long been a source of frustration for entertainment centers, casting shadows over their financial management. 

Enter VenueSumo, a venue management software company with an innovative proposition: a subscription-based model that abolishes transaction fees and additional charges. 

With all-encompassing plans tailored to point-of-sale usage, our approach heralds transparency. This clarity empowers businesses with the predictability they seek, enabling meticulous budgeting, refined financial projections, and a renewed capacity to concentrate on elevating customer experiences without the uncertainties of hidden costs.

Empowering choice

In the conventional landscape, software providers often wield control over payment gateways, leaving businesses with limited negotiation power. VenueSumo, however, holds a distinctive philosophy – we empower businesses to select their preferred payment gateway. 

This approach unlocks the ability to negotiate favourable rates and terms directly with payment providers. By giving businesses choice we enable them to:

  •  secure better deals; 
  • ensuring cost savings; and 
  • improved financial arrangements that cater to their specific needs and aspirations.

What are the benefits of the “Bring Your Bank” model?

The “Bring Your Own Bank” model introduces a pivotal approach where businesses can select their preferred payment gateway. This model offers the freedom to align payment processing with specific needs and preferences, enhancing customer experiences. 

Moreover, it allows businesses to negotiate favourable rates directly with chosen payment providers, yielding potential cost savings. This flexibility empowers companies to optimise financial transactions, tailor services to their clientele, and ultimately bolster their bottom line.

VenueSumo is already connected to a number of payment gateways. If we do not have a ready built integration with the payment gateway you would like to use, please contact us so we can start implementation for you. 

Enhancing customer relationships

Transparent pricing and flexible payment gateways play a pivotal role in fostering strong client relationships. By providing clear cost structures and accommodating various payment options, businesses can enhance trust and satisfaction. 

VenueSumo is dedicated to empowering entertainment centres to flourish unburdened by unnecessary financial constraints. We prioritise transparency, offering straightforward pricing models and diverse payment gateways to ensure our clients can focus on delivering exceptional experiences while we manage the backend intricacies.

Improving user experience

Integrating your preferred payment gateway with VenueSumo is a seamless process. Simply provide the API details from your chosen provider, and our team will take care of the integration. 

While we currently lack a pre-built setup, rest assured that we are ready to create it upon your request. To further assist you, we offer comprehensive tools and resources designed to guide you through every step of the integration journey. Your experience with VenueSumo is our priority, and we are here to ensure your payment gateway integration is efficient and hassle-free.

Ensuring security and compliance

We understand the paramount importance of security and compliance when it comes to your chosen payment gateway. Rest assured, our company places the highest priority on data security. 

We adhere unwaveringly to stringent industry standards and best practices to ensure that your sensitive information is safeguarded. Our commitment to maintaining the utmost level of security means you can trust us to handle your transactions and data with the utmost care and diligence. Your peace of mind is our top concern.

Why should I use VenueSumo for my family entertainment centre?

Revolutionise your entertainment centre’s management with our subscription-based, no transaction fee approach. Say goodbye to unpredictable costs and complex pricing structures. 

Our all-inclusive plans, based on point-of-sale usage, ensure budget predictability, empowering you to make informed decisions. Embrace this innovative model to regain control over expenses and maximise profits. 

Ready to transform your venue management? Visit our website today and get a demo to discover how we can streamline your operations and enhance your business’s success.