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Point of sale (POS) system for venues

Point of sales system platform designed specifically for venue owners to streamline your sales in one place with hospitality grade features. This integrated system seamlessly combines your booking management and POS functions, allowing you to efficiently handle both aspects of your venue in one place. Simplifying the overall sales process and improving operational efficiency.

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Hospitality grade POS system that is easy to use and built with all the features venue owners need!

Comes with all the essential features you would expect from a hospitality level POS and also offers a range of tailored functionality to meet the unique needs of venue owners.


Apply product add-ons

Allow guests to improve their experience by adding upgrades to their order.

Apply staff/manual discounts with user attribution

You can provide a seamless process for applying staff discounts and promotions.

Assign table numbers

Ability to assign guests table numbers with their food & beverage orders.

Buy & redeem gift vouchers

Offer your guests the ability to buy and redeem gift vouchers at the point of sale.

Cash till adjustments

Maintain the integrity of your cash management processes with the ability to make cash till adjustments.

Check-in guests using scanner or booking number

Flexible options for checking in guests, whether it is scanning their tickets off a print-out or mobile, or using their booking numbers to find the transaction.

Customizable menus

Easily update & make changes to your menus to accommodate your offerings.

Customized messages to guests and staff members

Enhance communicates by allowing custom notifications to be displayed on the website, sent via email, or shown during the check-in process.

Employee activity tracking

Monitor and manage your staff’s activity with our full audit log.

End of shift reports

Get a comprehensive overview of the day’s sales and transactions with our automatically generated end of shift reports.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Our KDS ensures that your kitchen operates at peak performance, enabling faster service, minimised errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Live sales reporting data

Venue owners and managers can get real-time sales reporting data from any device, anywhere.

Order routing & bump screens

Coming soon.

Order routing with multiple printer stations

Optimize the workflows from the POS system into your venue’s kitchen or food service area

Park sales

Allows you to temporarily hold and store sales orders that can be then completed at a later time.

Receipt printing & cash drawer opening

Get quick and accurate receipt printing of transactions for your guests

Redeem pre-purchased products

Guests can easily redeem at your café/restaurant using the ticket or voucher they purchased online.

Run tabs for multiple POS orders

Allow guests who want to make multiple purchases within your venue to create a tab.

Stock management with tracking & alerts

Efficiently manage your stock with our built-in inventory monitoring functionality.

Supervisor authorization

Get an extra layer of security and control for your venue with supervisor authorizations

Surcharges & fees

Allows you to create & manage your own custom surcharges for your venue

One POS system to drive your whole venue!

There’s no need to patch together multiple point of sales systems with VenueSumo, everything your venue sells is all in one place.

All your sales data available in real-time from one genuine all-in-one system!

No more having to fumble between systems to find guest bookings, lookup gift voucher redemptions or having to switch to another system to process food & beverage orders. No more patching together 3 x different systems at the end of the month to get your sales data. Every single product your venue sells can be sold and tracked with VenueSumo’s POS system in real time!

POS dashboard

Simple interfaces that are easy for staff to use

VenueSumo’s POS is designed with an initiative and user-friendly interface, making it easy for your staff to quickly learn and use the system. This minimizes the need for training new staff and helps make the guest experience as smooth as possible.

POS dashboard

Effortless guest check-in process

Guests can experience a hassle-free entry to your entertainment venue. It doesn’t matter if they’ve booked online or arrived without notice. We’ve eliminated unnecessary friction, like with the waiver completion process, which significantly reduces wait times and improves guest satisfaction from the moment they arrive.

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Unlock your venue’s full potential with VenueSumo!


Our POS system is designed to be fully flexible with the needs of your venue. Our amazing support team can help you configure your venue

VenueSumo provides unlimited customer support and training to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage. We understand that VenueSumo is mission-critical software and issues that arise are urgent.

For 2023, we are providing migrations to VenueSumo free of cost.*

*conditions apply.

Our point of sales system has been built out with all the functions that attraction venues need to be able to handle various product types and applications.

No! It’s bring your own device with our POS system. Android or IOS, anything that can run a web browser is fine with VenueSumo!