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Waiver software for venues

Automated venue waiver management system that allows you to easily create, request and manage your guest waivers. Write your own custom waivers to suit your insurance needs, integrate custom terms, obtain electronic signatures, track guests’ waivers, manage efficiently at the click of the button and access comprehensive reporting!

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Easily meet your venue insurance waiver compliance needs!

Digital waivers are crucial in today’s fast-paced world as they streamline the waiver signing process, reduce paperwork, and enhance efficiency. VenueSumo empowers businesses in creating and managing digital waivers, complete with custom terms, electronic signatures, and comprehensive tracking.

Waiver management

Create custom waivers

Effortlessly design and personalize waivers to match your specific business requirements.
Waiver management

Electronic signatures

Say goodbye to the hassle of printing, scanning, and storing physical waivers.
Waiver management

Fast & easy waiver check-in

Waivers are automatically linked to guests attending within a booking. This reduces the time need to find and allocate waivers as it will be automatically linked when they present their ticket.
Waiver management

Link to custom terms and conditions

Seamlessly integrate your custom terms and conditions into your digital waivers.
Waiver management

Waiver history

Access a complete record of all waivers ever created and signed within our software.

Save time, ensure compliance, and deliver a superior experience to your guests

Streamlined operations

VenueSumo’s waivers feature simplifies and automates the waiver process, reducing administrative burdens for venue owners. Create custom waivers, collect electronic signatures, and manage waiver history all in one centralized platform, saving time and effort.

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Enhanced legal & insurance compliance

By linking custom terms and conditions to waivers, you ensure that guests explicitly acknowledge and agree to your specific policies to meet the needs of your insurer. This helps protect your venue from potential legal disputes, ensuring compliance and safeguarding your business’s interests.

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Efficient guest management

Guest waiver tracking and management become effortless with our software. Easily access and manage signed waivers, search for specific guest information, and track waiver history. Stay organized and maintain a comprehensive record of guest agreements and compliance.

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Actionable insights

With full waiver history reporting, you gain valuable insights into guest behavior and waiver trends. Analyze data on signing patterns, demographics, and other relevant metrics to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize operations for better guest experiences and business outcomes.

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Waivers FAQs

Waiver management software is a digital tool designed to target the process of creating, distributing, signing, and storing waivers, ensuring compliance and streamlining operations for businesses that require liability waivers such as trampoline parks, rock climbing venues and shooting ranges.

The process of waiver check-in is streamlined and speed up with our waivers being automatically linked to bookings. This means if you have purchased an admission ticket online and pre-signed a waiver, you can check-in much quicker!

Yes, our software allows you to link custom terms and conditions to waivers. This ensures that guests explicitly acknowledge and agree to your specific policies, promoting legal compliance and protecting your venue’s interests.

Our software handles electronic signatures by providing a secure and legally binding signing process. It adheres to industry-standard security protocols and captures signatures in a manner that meets legal requirements, providing you with the necessary documentation for validation if needed.

The waiver management interface of our software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. It simplifies the process of creating, tracking, and managing waivers, requiring minimal training or technical expertise for your staff to effectively handle all waiver-related tasks.

Yes, our software is capable of integrating with other systems and platforms such as ticketing or event management software. This enables seamless data synchronization, ensuring a smooth and efficient guest experience. Information can be shared between systems, streamlining operations and enhancing overall guest satisfaction.