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Party Booking Software is designed to help venue managers enhance the efficiency of scheduling and managing birthday party events by automating tasks such as venue selection, date booking, payment, invitation production and guest communications.

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Our comprehensive management tools make party, group and event bookings easy!

Comprehensive management tools to revolutionize party, group, and event bookings by offering a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our software allows guests to customize online bookings effortlessly, ensuring every detail is accounted for.

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Automated payment communication alerts

Schedule automated payment reminder email communications to your party hosts.
Group bookings

Catering offering linked to recipe cards

By linking your catering offering options to specific recipes cards, our system can generate run sheets for your kitchen to easily execute orders needed on days filled with parties and group bookings.
Group bookings

Communication with booking host for confirmations, reminders & post-event feedback

VenueSumo simplifies communication between your venue and booking hosts.
Group bookings

Custom packages & add-ons

Easily create custom packages and add-ons for your bookings
Group bookings

Customize email and PDF party invite templates

Personalize invitations with your branding, event details, and special messages to create a professional party invite.
Group bookings

Flexible catering offerings

The ability for your venue to offer hosts a set of fully flexible catering options.
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Flexible payment options for parties & groups

Offer your hosts a wide range of payment options for their deposit and final payment.
Group bookings

Function room allocations

Allows venue managers to efficiently assign rooms or areas for different functions or parties within your venue.
Group bookings

Waiver communication & management for parties, events & groups

Easily share waivers, obtain necessary signatures, and communicate any essential information regarding their bookings.

Create an easy booking experience that keeps party, event & group hosts wanting to book again!

Enhanced efficiency

VenueSumo’s customizable online bookings streamline the reservation process, saving time and eliminating manual tasks. With automated communication for confirmations, reminders, and post-event feedback, you can efficiently manage their bookings and maintain clear communication channels with your party, group and event hosts.

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Increased revenue opportunities

The ability to create custom packages and add-ons empowers you to generate additional revenue streams. By tailoring offerings to meet the specific needs and preferences of your guests, you can upsell and provide unique experiences, maximizing the revenue potential of each booking.

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Improved guest experience

Effective communication with both the booking planner and guests plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional guest experiences. VenueSumo’s communication features enable venue owners to promptly respond to inquiries, provide confirmations, send reminders, and gather post-event feedback.

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Streamlined reporting and analytics

With detailed data on bookings, guest preferences, and revenue streams, you can gain insights into your business performance. This information helps make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize operations for improved profitability and long-term success.

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Party, group and event bookings FAQs

Party bookings software is a digital solution that automates the planning and management of party events, providing tools for online reservations, guest list management, payments, catering run sheets and real-time communication between hosts and attendees.

Very customizable! You can easily tailor the booking process to meet your specific needs, including selecting available dates, specifying guest counts, and customizing booking options.

VenueSumo simplifies communication with the booking planner and guests through various features including direct communication for confirmations, reminders, and post-event feedback. You can easily manage communication with guests for waivers, updates, and important information can be easily managed, ensuring smooth and transparent communication throughout the booking process.

Certainly! VenueSumo’s software includes features that allow venue owners to collect and accommodate specific dietary requirements from guests by providing the necessary options for guests to specify their dietary restrictions, preferences, or special needs during the booking process.

To choose the best party booking software, evaluate features such as user interface, customization options, integration with other tools, customer support, and pricing to ensure it meets your specific party booking management needs.