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Agent commission management software for venues

Do you have agents that sell tickets to your venue on commission? Our agent commission portal makes it easy for you to sell, track and manage tickets sold by your agent network.

Comes with a branded agent portal, custom commission structures, seamless payment collection, real-time insights and much more!

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Make managing your agents commissions easy with our feature rich agent toolkit!

Agent commissions

Agents can collect payments and invoice guests

Simplify the payment process as agents gain the ability to collect payments and send invoices directly to guests.
Agent commissions

Branded agent portal

Our branded agent portal provides agents with a personalized and professional interface to showcase your venue.
Agent commissions

Custom commission structures

Easily set up custom commission rates, tiers, and rules, ensuring fair compensation for agents based on factors such as booking volume, event type, or customer referrals
Agent commissions

Reporting & insights on agents performance and trends

Gain access to actionable data and metrics, such as booking volumes, conversion rates, and customer feedback.

Grow venue revenue through a network of agents!

Full visibility into agents commissions

You have full visibility into agent commissions, ensuring fairness, accuracy, and transparency in commission calculations.

Actionable insights

VenueSumo provides comprehensive reporting and insights on agent performance and booking trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business strategies.

Time and cost savings

By automating processes such as agent invoicing and commission tracking, VenueSumo reduces manual administrative work, freeing up valuable time for you to focus on other critical aspects of your venue’s business.

Scalability and growth

As the venue expands, VenueSumo can easily accommodate the growing number of agents, bookings, and commissions, providing a scalable solution to support your venue’s long-term growth plans.

Unlock your venue’s full potential with VenueSumo!

Agent Commissions FAQs

VenueSumo provides comprehensive reports on agent performance, including key metrics such as booking conversion rates, revenue generated, and customer satisfaction ratings. Additionally, it offers insights into booking trends, allowing you to identify popular dates, preferred packages, and other valuable information to optimize your business strategies.

VenueSumo is designed to integrate seamlessly with various systems and platforms, ensuring smooth data exchange. Whether you use CRM software, payment gateways, or other tools, our solution can synchronize data to provide a unified view of your operations and streamline your workflow.

The agent portal is fully customizable to reflect your venue’s branding. You can personalize the portal with your logo, colors, and imagery, providing a cohesive and professional experience for your agents. It effectively showcases your venue’s offerings, allowing agents to present them to potential customers with impact and style.

It can accommodate different types of bookings, packages, and pricing structures, ensuring accurate commission calculations for each agent. You can define rules based on percentages, fixed amounts, or other criteria, tailored to your specific commission structure requirements. The software takes care of the calculations, saving you time and minimizing errors.