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Mini-golf management software!

Our software is designed to optimize your operations, increase revenue and deliver an exceptional experience to your guests. Upgrade your mini-golf course today and unlock its full potential with our cutting-edge software solution. With powerful features like online booking, group booking management, marketing automations and comprehensive reporting,

Enhance your mini-golf venue with features that are more than just par for the course!

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Discover how mini-golf software can take your venue to the next level and deliver your a-game

Increased revenue

By enabling online ticketing and offering targeted promotions, VenueSumo helps boost your revenue. The convenience of online booking and the ability to attract new customers with promotional campaigns translates into higher profits.

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Data-driven decision-making

Access to detailed reports and analytics empowers you to make informed decisions. Gain insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and other key metrics, enabling you to optimize your business strategies.

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Improved staff management

With detailed capacity management and birthday party schedule reporting, you can more efficently understand your staff requirements.

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Inventory optimization

Keep track of mini-golf equipment, supplies, and merchandise with ease. VenueSumo helps you maintain optimal inventory levels, preventing shortages and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

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Mini-Golf Software FAQs

VenueSumo simplifies staff scheduling, allowing you to create and manage schedules efficiently. It also facilitates streamlined communication, ensuring effective coordination among team members.

With VenueSumo, you can track mini-golf equipment, supplies, and merchandise effortlessly. It helps prevent shortages by providing real-time inventory updates, enabling you to make informed purchasing decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

VenueSumo offers smooth integration with other systems, including accounting and payment gateways. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures seamless workflows, saving you time and reducing errors in financial management.

Yes, VenueSumo is accessible on mobile devices. You can manage your mini-golf venue on-the-go, staying connected and in control even when you’re not physically present. This flexibility allows you to monitor operations, check bookings, and access critical information from anywhere, enhancing your venue management capabilities.