Venue Smart Partners with Venue Sumo to Enhance Payment Solutions Options for Entertainment Venue Owners in Australia and New Zealand

Table of contents:
  1. Streamlined Payment Processes at Fixed Rates 
  2. Ability to Surcharge Payment Fees 
  3. A Commitment to Superior Service 
  4. Learn More and Get Started 

We are excited to announce a partnership between Venue Sumo, a leading venue management system, and Venue Smart, a trusted name in online and in-store payment solutions.  

What does this mean for venue owners? 

  • Access to competitive payment processing rates (AU & NZ); 
  • Secure fixed payment processing rates; 
  • Ability to surcharge payment fees back to customers; and 
  • Quality support and service. 

Streamlined Payment Processes at Fixed Rates 

With this new integration, Venue Sumo users can now leverage Venue Smart’s robust payment systems directly through their venue management platform. This integration allows for seamless, efficient, and more cost-effective payment processing. Customers will benefit from fixed rate pricing, ensuring predictable costs without any hidden fees, which is often a challenge when working with larger banking institutions. 

Ability to Surcharge Payment Fees 

One of the standout features of this partnership is the ability for Venue Sumo users to surcharge payment fees back to customers. This flexibility is a game changer, providing venues the option to manage how payment processing fees are handled, thereby enhancing venue cash flows and financial management. 

A Commitment to Superior Service 

Both Venue Smart and Venue Sumo are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and support. This partnership reflects their dedication to achieving great outcomes for clients, focusing on personalised service that larger banks can’t match.  

The collaboration between these two similarly named but independent companies highlight their shared goal of enhancing the client experience without compromising on support quality. 

Learn More and Get Started 

To discover more about this exciting development and to see how Venue Sumo integrated with Venue Smart can help transform your venue, visit Venue Smart’s website or email for more information.  

This integration not only promises to streamline operations for venue owners but also underscores the commitment of both companies to innovate and drive value for their clients in the family entertainment center industry.